Here on the pure high limestone pastures of the environmentally sensitive area of the Yorkshire Dales, we have an age old farming system that is kind to the land, and kind to the animals that roam freely. Our cows and sheep graze on a totally natural diet of sedges, heathers and wild thymes, which impart a sweet, essential flavour to this totally natural, lean, sweet meat.

Our hardy Dalesbred flock have been in the Horner family for eight generations. By always breeding our own replacement stock, we can provide absolute traceability.This is particularly significant for our Aberdeen Angus beef herd. As our animals are reared on grass and home produced fodder without the use of growth promoters or routinely administered antibiotics, we are confident in offering the purest and healthiest meat.

After a very free natural life, by going directly from the farm to the inevitable, we are convinced that this is the kindest, most humane solution for a farmed animal. Traditionally matured on the hook and then expertly cut, it is with pride and satisfaction that we present pure meat of the highest quality from a truly sustainable farming system that maintains the charm, heritage and character of the Yorkshire Dales. 

Home reared beef and lamb available to take home, vacuum packed and boxed